Submissions from 2005

Truth, Contemporary Philosophy, and the PostmodernTurn, James Porter Moreland


Truth, contemporary philosophy, and the postmodern turn, James Porter Moreland

Discovering biblical equality : complementarity without hierarchy, Ronald W. Pierce

Christian Postmodernism and the Linguistic Turn, R. Scott Smith


Post-conservatives, foundationalism, and theological truth: a critical evaluation., R. Scott Smith

Postmodernism and the Priority of the Language-World Relation, R. Scott Smith

Truth and the new kind of Christian : the emerging effects of postmodernism in the church, R. Scott Smith

Cripple’s Story (2 Samuel 1 - 9), Donald K. Sunukjian


Teología de Lucas, Matthew C. Williams


Teología de Mateo, Matthew C. Williams

Submissions from 2004


Early Church catechesis and new Christians' classes in contemporary evangelicalism., Clint E. Arnold


Was Jesus Buried in Shame? Reflections on B. McCane's Proposal, William Lane Craig


Wierenga No A-Theorist Either, William Lane Craig

To Everyone an Answer: A Case for the Christian Worldview, William Lane Craig and James Porter Moreland

Discovering the way of wisdom : spirituality in the wisdom literature, Edward M. Curtis

How Biblical Languages Work: A Student's Guide to Learning Hebrew and Greek, Thomas John Finely


Some logical difficulties in open theism., Douglas S. Huffman


Evangelical Christian education in the later 20th century: growing influence and specialization, Kevin E. Lawson

Looking back, looking forward : reflections on the conference and anticipation of the future, Kevin E. Lawson

Church that works : your one-stop resource for effective ministry, Gary McIntosh

Evaluating the church growth movement : 5 views, Gary McIntosh


Faith and Philosophy, Stephen L. Porter


Swinburnian atonement and the doctrine of penal substitution, Steven L. Porter


Wesleyan theological methodology as a theory of integration, Steven L. Porter


Wesleyan Theological Methodology as a Theory of Integration, Steven L. Porter


Hauerwas and Kallenberg and the issue of epistemic access to an extra-linguistic realm., R. Scott Smith

Language, Theological Knowledge, and the Postmodern Paradigm, R. Scott Smith

Submissions from 2003

Exploring the history and philosophy of Christian education, Michael J. Anthony

Cosmological argument, William Lane Craig

Design and the anthropic finetuning of the universe, William Lane Craig

God? : a debate between a Christian and an atheist, William Lane Craig

Hard Questions, Real Answers, William Lane Craig

Evidential value of religious experience, R. Douglas Geivett


Is “Simple Reliabilism” Adequately Motivated?, R. Douglas Geivett

Dogmatic theology 3rd edition, Alan W. Gomes


William Greenough Thayer Shedd on evangelical unity: some prescriptions--theoretical and practical., Alan W. Gomes


Humiliation of Christ in the social world of Roman Philippi part 1., Joseph H. Hellerman


Humiliation of Christ in the social world of Roman Philippi part 2., Joseph H. Hellerman


Purity and nationalism in the Second Temple literature: 1-2 Maccabees and Jubilees., Joseph H. Hellerman


Evangelical Christian education in the early 20th century: marginalization and new beginnings, Kevin E. Lawson


Marginalization and renewal: Evangelical Christian education in the twentieth century, Kevin E. Lawson

Biblical church growth : how you can work with God to build a faithful church, Gary McIntosh

Argument from Consciousness, James Porter Moreland


Bare Particulars and Individuation Reply to Mertz, James Porter Moreland


Christian perspective on the impact of modern science on philosophy of mind., James Porter Moreland


Knowledge Argument Revisited, James Porter Moreland


Response to a Platonistic and to a set-theoretic objection to the Kalam cosmological argument., James Porter Moreland

United States perspectives on assisted reproductive technologies, Scott B. Rae


Christology, Chiasm, And The Concept Of Faith In Hebrews 10:19-39, Victor S. Rhee

Abiding in Christ : studies in John 15, James E. Rosscup

Virtue ethics and moral knowledge : philosophy of language after MacIntyre and Hauerwas, R. Scott Smith


Gender and Sanctification: From Creation to Transformation, David Lee Talley

NIV application commentary : Matthew, Michael J. Wilkins

Submissions from 2002

Polycarp and Paul : an analysis of their literary & theological relationship in light of Polycarp's use of biblical & extra-biblical literature, Kenneth Berding

Philosophy of religion : a reader and guide, William Lane Craig


Why Is It Now?, William Lane Craig

Apologetic impulse in early Mormonism : the historical roots of the Mormon challenge, Craig J. Hazen

2 Corinthians, Moyer V. Hubbard

New creation in Paul's letters and thought, Moyer V. Hubbard


Was John the Baptist an Essene from Qumran?, John C. Hutchison

How we learn : a Christian teacher's guide to educational psychology, Klaus Dieter Issler

Theology and Christian education in the 20th century : an annotated bibliography, Kevin E. Lawson

One church, four generations : understanding and reaching all ages in your church, Gary McIntosh

Absurdities of Mormon Materialism : A Reply to the Neglected Orson Pratt, James Porter Moreland

Exploring the Case for Life After Death, James Porter Moreland

Money Matters in Health Care, Scott B. Rae

Submissions from 2001

Evangelical dictionary of Christian education, Michael J. Anthony

Introducing Christian education : foundations for the twenty-first century, Michael J. Anthony

Power and Magic: The Concept of Power in Ephesians, Clint E. Arnold


Prof. Grünbaum on the ‘Normalcy of Nothingness’ in the Leibnizian and Kalam Cosmological Arguments, William Lane Craig

Son Rises, William Lane Craig

Time and Eternity: Exploring God's Relationship to Time, William Lane Craig

Ancient church as family : early Christian communities and surrogate kinship, Joseph H. Hellerman


Women, gentiles, and the messianic mission in Matthew's genealogy., John C. Hutchison

Wasting time with God : a Christian spirituality of friendship with God, Klaus Dieter Issler

Historical Foundations of Christian Education, Kevin E. Lawson

Look back, leap forward : building your church on the values of the past, Gary McIntosh


Intelligent design psychology and evolutionary psychology: a comparison of rival paradigms, James Porter Moreland

Universals, James Porter Moreland


Chiasm and the concept of faith in Hebrews 12:1-29, Victor S. Rhee

Scripture : its power, authority, and relevance, Robert L. Saucy

Women and men in ministry : a complementary perspective, Robert L. Saucy and Judith K. Ten Elshof

Submissions from 2000

The Effective Church Board: A Handbook for Mentoring and Training Servant Leaders, Michael J. Anthony


Intentional spiritual formation in the classroom: making space for the spirit in the university., John H. Coe


Musings on the dark night of the soul: insights from St. John of the Cross on a developmental spirituality., John H. Coe


Extent of the present, William Lane Craig

Only Wise God: The Compatibility of Divine Foreknowledge & Human Freedom, William Lane Craig

Naturalism : a critical analysis, William Lane Craig and James Porter Moreland

Village enlightenment in America : popular religion and science in the nineteenth century, Craig J. Hazen


Challenging the authority of Jesus: Mark 11:27-33 and Mediterranean notions of honor and shame., Joseph H. Hellerman


Wealth and sacrifice in early Christianity: revisiting Mark's presentation of Jesus' encounter with the rich young ruler., Joseph H. Hellerman


Spiritual formation of Jesus: The significance of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' life, Klaus Dieter Issler

How to Thrive in Associate Staff Ministry, Kevin E. Lawson


Exploring a 'coaching' model for promoting spiritual formation, Richard J. Leyda and Kevin E. Lawson

Staff Your Church for Growth: Building Team Ministry in the 21st Century, Gary McIntosh




Spiritual formation and the nature of the soul, James Porter Moreland

Body & soul : human nature & the crisis in ethics, James Porter Moreland and Scott B. Rae

Christological aspects of faith in Hebrews 3:1-4:16, Victor S. Rhee

Christology and the Concept of Faith in Hebrews 1:1-2:4, Victor S. Rhee